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The optical unit served as one of our major sources of income generation. The presence of our advance and fully equip optical unit as well as the highly qualified staff enable us to provide ongoing optical services. This unit continues to attract more patients to our eye health facility.

Surgical services as one of our key program deliverables remain a major hallmark. We provide routine ophthalmic surgical services, some of which includes congenital cataract, ocular laceration,trabeculactomy, Pterygium, etc.

New Sight Eye Center executives are working very hard to ensure that a secondary eye center is established in Grand Bassa County that will served the surrounding Counties (River Cess and Margibi).



New Sight Eye Center (NSEC) is a Liberian private non-governmental organization registered 2009 with NGO Accreditation Certificate # MPEA/NGO/AC#0692 & Business Registration Enterprise Code 050846733 which was officially launched August 4, 2012 in Paynesville City, Montserrado County, Liberia.

The quality services providing at our center continue to increase our patient’s volume thus, contributing to our growth, development and sustainability. The presence of some modern ophthalmic equipment is also helping us to enhance our clinical diagnosis.The Ophthalmic Training Program accredited and launched in 2017, successfully graduated the first batch of Liberian trained Ophthalmic Nurses in 2018. In addition, we included the optometry technician discipline to the established Ophthalmic Training Program. The rationale behind the training is to continue the development of eye health work force gearing towards the reduction of blindness and visual impairment in Liberia. We will continue our efforts to ensure that more people are trained to tackle the eye health problems.

New Sight Eye Center continues its routine rural communities medical and surgical outreaches hereby providing access to community deprived of eye health. We also provide annual free eye screening, treatment and surgeries at our facility as part of our corporate social responsibility in addition to the outreach programs.


We Provide varieties of eye health care services.Get a Consultation Right Now! Call: 0886468456 / 0770252479

Objective of NSEC

  1. Make eye health services available and affordable to deprived individuals, families and the overall underserved community through quality outreach and clinic-based treatment.
  2. Reduce or eliminate preventable blindness so as to improve the socio-economic standings of individuals, families and local community dwellers.
  3. Rehabilitate those with visual impairment and blindness for productive living.
  4. Set up a modern and equipped referral eye health center, assist in the initiation and development of research in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other partners.
  5. Train primary eye health promoters, ophthalmic nurses and Optician for integration into the health care and school systems.
  6.  Engage in other activities geared towards poverty reduction, building capacity, and health services as deemed necessary by the board of directors.




To promote quality eye health care through the provision of comprehensive services gear towards the prevention of blindness, visual impairment and rehabilitation of those irreversibly blinded.


To provide accessible, affordable, comprehensive and quality eye health care services for people living in Liberia


Enhancing Your Vision is paramount to NSEC. We therefore provide advance Eye care service for any condition and also eye examination

New Sight Eye Center

Our History & Background.

NSEC emerged as a result of a passion for eye health and a strong desire to provide comprehensive eye health services to people living in Liberia. Mr. Robert F. Dolo had the vision to contribute to his society while in Ghana working with an eye health program. He shared his vision with his colleague, Mr. Kartee Karloweah while in Ghana. Robert was always aware that the need for eye health service was greater in Liberia.  In 2009, Robert made the decision to voluntarily relinquish his job to return to Liberia and offer this much needed service to his beloved homeland.  He reached out to friends within Liberia and abroad to help achieve this vision. He worked hard and tirelessly to make New Sight Eye Center program possible.

The first eye screening activities started with a free outreach program 2009 in Todee, rural Montserrado County, where over three hundred persons were screened and treated. Prior to the establishment of New Sight Eye Center and the first screening program, Mr. Robert F. Dolo provided eye screening free of charge to several government ministries and communities in and outside of Montserrado County from 2007-2009. Facility based eye screening started 2010 in a rented two-bed room apartment within the S. D. Cooper community with (4) four professional staff.

The incorporators organized by Mr. Robert F. Dolo, provided the necessary startup funding to complete all of the documentation. New Sight Eye Center Board of Directors volunteered their expertise to guide the planning and development of the program. Thanks to these three great women, Ms. Karen King, Mrs. Catherine Cameron and Mrs. Dedeh H.F. Jones, who worked tirelessly to see that this vision become a reality. Business plan was developed by Mr. Robert F. Dolo with technical support from Ms. Karen King to seek for funding from Rotary Clubs International Foundation. Initial funding to get the center started was through global grants from several Rotary Clubs in Connecticut, USA, with the Newtown Rotary Club being the lead club.

Grant funds were matched by Rotary International Foundation which was made available in 2011 via equipment. The Sinkor Rotary Club provided oversight to supervise the project.

Furthermore, Mr. Dolo also reached out to numerous friends from as far away as Australia, Canada and the USA, and as close as Monrovia, ranging from physicians to medical researchers to classroom students, several organizations and private family foundations, contributed their quota to make New Sight Eye Center what it is today.

Today, New Sight Eye Center is providing routine quality eye health services to over 10,000 persons annually. It is recognize as one of the premier eye health center in Liberia.


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