Robert F. Dolo

Founder / Executive Director / Board Secretary
  • Occupation:
    Officer Cataract Surgeon


Mr. Robert F. Dolo, a Liberian Cataract Surgeon, started his career journey as a professional nurse at the Ganta United Methodist School of Nursing. In 2005, he obtained an Advanced Diploma in Ophthalmic Nursing at the Korlu Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana. He worked as expatriate in Crystal Eye Clinic, Ghana where he established an eye health rural community outreach program in partnership with Unite for Sight in 2009. He has a Certificate in Project and Human Resource Management, obtained at the Pan-African Institute for Leadership & Governance Studies, Accra, Ghana. In 2010, he obtained Advanced Surgical Ophthalmic training that qualified him as a cataract surgeon at the Regional Ophthalmic Training Program in The Gambia.

Personal Experience

Mr. Robert F. Dolo served as the National Eye Health Coordinator at the Ministry of Health from 2010-2012. Robert’s philosophy is “Quality services in humility and caring, results in a positive legacy”

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