Certificate in Community Eye Health Promoter

Certificate in Community Eye Health Promoter

An Ophthalmic nurse is a nursing professional that focuses on assessing and treating patients with a variety of eye diseases and injuries. With the rapid spread of new kinds of ophthalmic diseases, there is an increased need for more knowledgeable professionals in health-care disciplines.

The program will extend over 1 academic year. It compresses of general courses related specifically to Ophthalmic Nursing and Healthcare delivery with 3 months internship


Be a holder of a Diploma or BSc in General Nursing, Registered Nurse who is registered with the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery. Have at least 2 years post qualification experience as a registered nurse

OPN-301 Applied Microbiology 151-151
OPN-302 Applied Health Sociology 151-151
OPN-303 Applied Health Psychology 151-151
OPN-304 Information Technology 151801952
OPN-305 Ethico-Legal Issues 151-151
OPN-306 Applied Pharmacology 151-151
OPN-307 Anatomy and Physiology 302-302
OPN-308 Medical Ophthalmic Nursing I 30216021904
OPN-309 Surgical Ophthalmic Nursing I 30216021904
OPN-310 Research Methodology 302-302
OPN-311 Epidemiology and Biostatistics, 15180951
OPN -312 Basic Optics 151801952
Total 22516560680022

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