One of the major strength of New Sight Eye Center is the routine medical and surgical outreaches conducted in rural and urban communities. The Center outreach team also partner with rural health center to screen and perform eye surgeries. Medical Outreach is conducted twice every month follow by surgical outreach quarterly.
Outreach communities are selected in consultation with community leaders and community health assistants. Mobilizations of community members are done by the leaders and/or health representatives and patients gathered at a convenient point in the community (e.g., school building, church, community center, etc) where the eye screening occurred on a predetermined date.

On the day of outreach, eye health educations are conducted by an ophthalmic nurse or trained eye health promoter as well as the ophthalmic nursing and optometry technician students. Following the health education session, patients flow through the outreach program is as follows: registration, visual acuity, eye examination, diagnosis, refraction and treatment.
Individuals that need further medical intervention are given a referral form to go to the base unit for management. Outreaches are usually affordable but free when sponsored by partners.

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